5 PKS Rules for Dressing for the Job

How you show up to work speaks volumes about who you are as a person. So many men and women have shopping anxiety for one reason or another.  Which causes hiccups in the day to day wear of style and choices of apparel. Some opt into being simple, like placing less thought into color options, wearing all black or the same exact jeans/ pants. Others opt into being more systematic, like always wearing a blue suit on Mondays and Thursdays, wearing their black suit on Tuesdays and Fridays and Wednesday they feel more stylish by mixing it up and wearing their blue blazer with their black slacks. When working in a professional environment this can cause many delays to the path of promotion and being noticed in the office. Often times people are noticed for the wrong reason. 

Sadly when there is a continuous problem in being overlooked it can cause a lot of self-doubt and distance with yourself and others in the office.  I would like to say if you feel uncomfortable at work, do some mental checks before you do a wardrobe check. See if the company is the right fit. Write down the pros and cons. If you have more pros than cons then do a wardrobe check. Are you clean cut? Are you often disheveled?  Are your clothes dated and unrelated to the type of work you do? Are you late in the mornings because you are stuck on what to wear and how to wear it?

Note: Depending on the field you work in, your boss may not feel comfortable telling you how to dress. They will leave that choice up to you. So now if you did a wardrobe check and still not sure what to do. See my five points below and maybe it can place you in the direct path of a new and better you.   

One important tip I tell all clients is that the sun does not care who is mad or offended by its heat and brightness.  It does its job and it does it well regardless. 

When dressing for the role follow these 5 PKS fashion rules accordingly 

Be honest with who you are, and what you can afford. Financially and Fashionably Fit. (I will get into that in a later blog) But part of being the double threat is being 100% honest about your financial state, whether it’s semi-permanent or you are working towards that promotion. Know the level you are starting at. Confidence comes from the inside out. Now being 100% honest with who you are, your current style, and your bank account will allow you to shop and dress comfortably. 

  • Do not stress about clothes you can’t afford 
  • Learn the store you can afford 
  • Learn the items you most love 
  • Learn how to piece them together 
  •  Do not be afraid to save up for something you really want. 

Be Honest about weight gain or loss. Do make sure your clothes fit you with room to play with. 

  • I’ve learned that no one likes when they put on weight; unless it is one’s overall personal goal. But if you know the extra pounds is not what you want, try your very best to dress for it and not against it. 
  • There is nothing wrong with a fitted suit or dress but when it is tight it looks forced. When going for a promotion or new role you never want to look forced into something. 
  • If you know you are an 8 plus some buy a size ten. Same way, if you know you are an 18 plus go one size up. You will feel more comfortable at work and feel more confident if you are not trying to hide your stomach. 
  • If you work for a company that says they honestly do not care. Do not believe them. They do care about what you wear and what you look like, and so should you. So yes you may not have to dress business casual, but do not wear sweats 

Wear colors that compliment youBe bold and daring with colors but also know how to tie in the professional attire with it. 

  • Example: If you know neon pink looks great on you awesome, wear it, but match it with an amazing blue suit so that the suit becomes the calm color to your wave of fierceness. 
  • If you wear black all the time (outside of being a makeup artist) add some pop color to it. Even if it’s just the accessories like a belt or chain. Wearing a colorful shoe with pop color(s) count(s) as well. Jazz it up, surprise yourself with a color you didn’t think you would ever wear. 

Dress for the role you want not the role you are in, with the exception of all jobs that require uniforms. Dress like that boss that you know you are; like the sun never downplay. 

  • You have a “power suit” you love to wear but your boss semi dresses like the janitor. Kayne shrugged it off and wear the suit! Your boss hired you for a reason. You may not have written Fashion Icon on your resume but if that is what you are, then that’s what it is! 
  • If you want that promotion dress like you already have it. Confidence is the key. Once you have the clothes down pack walk and talk like it.  
  • Make the role believable through your wardrobe.  Quality is always better than quantity. Having five white blouses that are quality fabric is better than 20 cheaply made shirts.
  • Keep the weekend wear for the weekend. Sometimes we get a little carried away in comfort at the office and show up like it’s a Saturday afternoon. Keep those days for the retreats and again for the weekend. 

Be fresh and clean! Yes as simple as this may sound we often do not have time to run to the laundromat and dry cleaners on a weekly basis. So clothes may have a scent to them or just need some tender loving care. Things like Febreeze and a lint roller makes a great difference in how you show up. So take the time to sniff clothes, and laundry clothes with smells and or stains. 

Now I hope I help you all continue to be great. But if you need more assistance and time please feel free to reach out to me for a consultation.  I am here to help. 



I’m Rooting for Everyone Black… Designers

Routing for Everyone Black!

Now anyone that knows me knows that I have a love for all mankind. God made each and everyone one of us for a reason and it is not my job or life’s goal to judge or make another person feel less than human.  So again I love because God is love.  Nevertheless, this blog post I will express my personal thoughts and feelings about African American designers, entrepreneurs, and other businesses alike.

I want to give credit where credit is due. So this blog is dedicated to all ethnic designers, known and unknown by the masses. Keep pushing forward your talent will not go to the waste side. Keep inspiring through your creative designs.

Thankful for how technology comes handy, which allows social media to connect us all. From my Instagram account, I became knowledgeable about a couple of brands and designers. Some of which I may have purchased an item or two from.  Also, some of them that I don’t think are greatly known. Which makes me wonder why we don’t support each other to great lengths like we do other well-known brands. I feel it’s our job as black and brown people to support each other and make a way for our designers to be largely known as much as Prada, Gucci, Fendi, and all other overly glorified brands. We all have local talent in our own backyard that deserves us cheering them on.

We also have the black and brown dollars, a.k.a your hard own salary, to make a designer wealthy. Yet as it is largely known today, that we give it away to these other brands faster than we give it to one of our own. The lifeline of a black dollar is short-lived in its own community. Yet that’s another blog post to come. Now I’m not saying we can’t support these brands I am simply saying let’s take a step back and see if the $450.00 we chose to spend on a Balenciaga t-shirt supports the neighborhood designer or boutique owner/ even if it’s strictly online, such as  Hanifa, and Oyemwen and so many more.

Note: I know the black and brown communities need much more than us supporting fashion designers to heal us from past and current hurt that the world has thrown our way. My opinion is the fashion way of elevating us. Because there is far more than one way to do it, so let us change the narrative.

Now back to fashion.

Personally, I know that people, feel accomplished if they can walk around with a Christian Louboutin shoe, a Chanel bag, or a Gucci belt; and as one should feel great. However, I see that it’s harder for a local creative soul to be known for a well-made product such as a pair of shoes, belts, or purses. It’s like aiming for the stars and there are a bunch of trees and branches blocking your view. Nowadays it seems like no one sees you unless a celebrity wears your item. (Sidebar: Beyonce is bringing black designers to light and I love it). But I just think us, as locals consumers should validate talent too. We wait for celebrities to do it when we have much more power then they do.  For example let it be that Brooklynites put JayZ on to Brooklyn Circus and not that JayZ put Brooklynites on to Brooklyn Circus, feel me. By the time JayZ or any celebrity finds out about the company, they have already been on!

I want to tell Black and White America to support your local black business and striving entrepreneur. They need it and so does their communities.  Please understand that I am not against anyone shopping big brands, or high-end brands. I just think that every now and then show support to the underdogs.

Rules for supporting Black/Brown owned brands

  1. DO pay the price on the price tag unless there is a sale.
    • You can’t go to the LV store asking for 10 – 30 % off unless you have a friend or family member that works there.
    • If the owner is able to swing you a discount let it be on them not on you, the consumer.
  2. DON’T go in a Black-Owned Store/ Businesses and scoff at a t-shirt being sold for $30 dollars or a little more. If you can’t currently afford it, it’s fine but do not make a designer feel bad for matching the general market values.  Balmain t-shirts start at $195. I am joking that actually half the price.
  3. DO tell your friends and family about the company you found. Spread the love. There is always room in the fashion world for other great designs and designers to rise.

One thing I can commend us on is that we do show love to our barbers, and our hairstylist, God bless them, but outside of that we give our money away!!! Part of me would love to see more black business manifested where the owners/ founders are and become millionaires and billionaires.  There is so much money to be made in this world but our nation/people have yet to make a full “ Black Wall Street” come back. Think about it.

Some of the brands I follow on Instagram: BolinFe NoelRue 107J.Bailey, Offwhite, and Undra Celeste New York, I see them as current pioneers that are still paving the way for other African American designers and entrepreneurs to make their way. Each of these designers came across my page, and in my eyes have reached a level of authentic followers and buyers. I am sure they all have and want to go further. They too can be as famous as Gucci if we gave them a chance to be.

Another shout out to all the black fashion creators that starting or started with a t-shirt line, or company, such as aestheticbk.com, Addicted2hustling.com, off_thehanger, bodybybeautyy, tori’shausCutsbyjt_collection (this brand does not have a website yet but follow on IG and DM to shop), and of course myself purplekeysstyes.com (currently rebranding and designing).

There’s room for everyone because we all have a different eye for what we see as fashionable and wearable! I salute you and all other people thinking about starting a t-shirt line or fashion line. Like Nike says, “Just Do It!”

Nevertheless, I say to all African Americans do a great deed and support each other’s dreams, with fashion, beauty and everything else we create and do. Do not destroy another person’s dreams because you think or feel they can do something else with their time or money. Know that God gave us all a talent. Don’t hate if you have not found yours yet, not everyone have to be the chief in a tribe. But if you are still searching know that time allows dreams to manifest and become tangible. Stay in the loop of what you have a passion for. Be more involved in your dreams. Stop thinking time is escaping you. Also allow each other to utilize that talent and build communities where we are no longer struggling or failing each other.

As always Be Blessed, Be Focused, Be You!!

Like, share, and comment on this blog. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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