Taste The Rainbow

Rainbows, Rainbows, and more Rainbows!!!

Hello, world. I hope this new week brings you all much creative fun, surprises, and joy!

Today I would like to discuss the rainbow.

Being of Caribbean descent my love for colors was there from birth. At an early age, I was always drawn to the rainbow because it is a heavenly creation. God himself created something so amazing that it showed up, after almost every storm. Another love for the rainbow came from an 80’s cartoon called Rainbow Bright. It wasn’t one of my favorites but I recall watching it from time to time and was amazed how a young girl/ character was able to produce the rainbow out of nothing. It wowed me. I can’t remember the storyline to the cartoon clearly but I think the rainbow always saved her or her friends from danger.

Looking back in time and even now I can look at pictures and see how colorful I was and still am. My clothes or shoes were always multi-colored and statement pieces (as much of a statement I thought they were making). As I grew older and more confident in my style, I can see how certain color combination was more prominent in my wardrobe, shades of blues, purples, pinks, or array of reds. What is your go-to color readers? Are you scared of some color or will try anything?

Like, honestly who can deny loving color? I will let that question sit for a moment!

Color adds a pop of life to your garments. Color adds life to whatever it is that you are wearing. Look at some of your pictures? What made you stand out besides being a fabulous human being? Check the outfit you wore, was it that pop color(s) you added to make your entire look go from dull to a head-turner.

Now I am not saying wearing solid black, white, denim or any other color alone looks lifeless and stale. Because remember it is all about the person in the clothes than it is about the clothes. But what I am saying is that I personally love it more when a pop color or two is introduced.

Now I give great credit to the LGBTQ Community for keeping the love of the rainbow alive!  What else was a better representation of unity and love than the colorful flag?!?! I did some research first on the flag and wanted to make sure that as a straight, heterosexual female, I can still love the rainbow or claim it and not offend or discredit the community. I admit it was a struggle because I didn’t want to undermine or take away from the community. But when I concluded my research I learned so much and my take away was very informative. One thing that stood out was that each color represents so much.  So I leave you all with this note. The rainbow takes away from no one and gives to everyone one. So if you are like me, a colorful, free-spirited, loving person, then rocked the flag, rock the rainbow, be that pop color you want to be, and continue loving the rainbow!

For those who are curious, each color is as follows. (Note I found this on WIKI if it is wrong I ask that you find it in your heart to forgive)

  • Red = Life
  • Orange = Healing
  • Yellow = Sun
  • Green = Nature
  • Royal Blue = Harmony
  • Violet = Spirit

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Sophia ( she’s freaking amazing) Webster

So in my last post “Crafty Character Clutches” I spoke briefly about an amazing shoe designer, named Sophia Webster! In my book, she is the most opulent shoe designer! She didn’t care who came before her, or who taught her (Nicholas Kirkwood), or even who will follow, but she arrived to set the record straight that she is not playing any games when it comes to designing shoes. Her name will most definitely go down in history as one of the most amazing designers who came out into the fashion world proclaiming her spot loud and clear.

As a fashion lover I just want to say, Sophia Webster, you are super amazing and a futuristic thinker and designer. Hats off to you for your style. You are like the Michael Jordan of shoes.

I stumbled upon her shoes back in 2015. While pregnant and surfing the web for butterflies for my daughter room. I saw her amazing signature Chiara, butterfly shoes, and fell in love instantaneously. It was literally without thought. I was just flabbergasted by the brilliant unique design. Now her shoes are accompanied by a very pretty price tag, and undeniably, I do not blame her. Shoes with that much bold, and colorful details deserve such a tag. Some would even say she is underpriced!

Now Sophia Webster has only been around for the last six years or so, and she continuously,  seamlessly manages to stay alive. She is audacious, irreplaceable and successfully thriving in her field. You can turn left and right and find at least one female walking down fifth avenue in NYC with a pair. You can catch any actress, and star on the red carpet with her shoes. It is not like you have to make a million dollars to purchase them but you do have to have your coins in order. You can’t just rock her brand name with some Fashion Nova apparel, or a pair of Old Navy shorts matched with a plain white t-shirt (I kid, I kid, you damn well can do whatever you want… because it’s fashion and fashionable). But if possible do sport her with the other brand labels she is worthy of being in the room with, such as Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Charlotte Olympia to name a few. Because for crying out loud, Nicholas taught her you guys, check his background as well. I know he must be proud of her.

But to continue on with Sophia Webster. I want to say to all the fashion lovers who do not buy or care for expensive shoes for whatever personal reasons you have, then please just find this blog to be a fashion preference on style. To me, her brand is filled with inspiration. If you are into fashion, love colors, style, and above all unique looks, then you will see why I have such a strong love for the brand.

Nevertheless, I shined the spotlight on Sophia Webster to tell all you ladies and gentlemen running after fashion, arts, theater, or whatever your goals are, do it zealously! Do it like Sophia Webster! Show up and show out, and show off to the world that you are not here to play games but here to make and set your mark!  Do NOT take your talent to the grave with you. Give it life while you are here!

You are blessed beyond measure.

Thank you for your time.  Do like this blog and share it with your friends, family, and coworkers, and leave a cool comment below.

( Dear fans, I know I owe you all about 13 more blogs. I promise to catch up, 12 more to go after this one [ well before Friday])